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 Also photo printing for Cakes.


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  The cakes are traditionally homemade luxury

 fruitcake and sponges. Flavoured sponges

 made to order. Cakes can be any shape, size and design at very reasonable prices.

For 16 years, I have the love of decorating cakes for fun, and with this hobby comes great satisfaction that I can donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charities.

A proportion of the price is donated to the local childrens

 Woodcraft Group

Why not check prices out for that

 Budget Dream Cake. 

Fantastic realistic Sugar Flowers delicately

hand crafted to last forever for cakes or gifts.

Roses, Lilies, Sweet pea, Bridal Lilies, Lilly-

of-the-Valley, Fuchsias, Orchids and many

more beautiful flowers can be made.  What

 about a everlasting Wisteria Bonsai Tree in


Also available the popular Sugar Shoes & Bags.

********************   New  *********************


Fantastic SugarVeil

This beautiful delicate item is the ideal decoration

 to your cake.  Made to look like delicate lace, that

looks real, with a delicate taste and so flexible.

It also can be used to decorate other items, such as

 puddings, drinks, you can decorator anything with it.



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